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Bonnette/Bonni 13+ artist & minor

ʚ(´꒳`)ɞ ! yesyesyes
Likes…{coffee, manga, drawing, music, him, etc <333
٩(⌯꒦ິ̆ᵔ꒦ິ)۶ no thanks…..
Dislikes…{ socializing, sleeping, bad weather, certain insects, racist,homophobia,transphobia,rude people

123 | ₊˚⊹♡123 | ‹𝟹 123

[topics I like]   
art(any type)   
music(any type)   
sanro, bsd, pjsk, omori, Genshin !!   
anything else!!   

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Who shouldn’t interact:
1)Adults I don’t know/ adults in general unless I know you
2)random ass people in GENERAL who I don’t know……does that make sense at all??
3)if you hate people or discriminate them for who they are pls don’t interact especially <‘33
4) Have a nice day :)

What you should know before interacting with me:
1)I have constant mood changes and will rant a lot to you
2)I stay up for long amounts of time so don’t not expect every now and then to get a middle of the night text
3)if I feel uncomfortable or have an issue with you PLEASE let me tell you and listen to me about it. This goes both ways
4) Remember I am 13+ and that’s a MINOR so keep that in mind again.